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MV Manderfeld


Hi, you're right here on my musical Website. As a passionate amateur-musician,I'm playing  Euphonium (BESSON Sovereign BE-967)  and this  in The Veithen-Tuba-Ensemble. I was also conductor of the  Kgl. Musikverein "St.Lambertus" Manderfeld (Windband) and I'm interested in Brassbands. A well-known euphoniumplayer once said to me : "a good musician has to practice a sport", so I make Shinson Hapkido.

So, here is a list of links. I hope you would appreciate it.

General euphonium sites
normal linkDas Deutsche Tuba-Forum (D)
broken linkEuphonium & Baritone Homepage
normal linkLeonard Falcone Int. Tuba & Euph. Festival (USA)
normal linkLIEKSA International Tuba Competition (Fin)
normal linkInternational Tuba Euphonium Association
broken linkThe Euphonium

Famous Euphonium soloists
normal linkLyndon Baglin (UK)
normal linkDr.Brian L. Bowman (USA)
normal linkDavid Childs (UK)
normal linkNicholas Childs (UK)
normal linkRobert Childs (UK)
normal linkEnrique Crespo (Uru - D)
normal linkRiki McDonnell (NZ)
normal linkLeonard Falcone + (USA)
normal linkTormod R. Flaten (N)
normal linkAdam Frey (USA)
normal linkMorgan Griffiths (UK)
normal linkBen Haemhouts (B)
normal linkSimone Mantia + (USA)
broken linkRich Matteson + (USA)
normal linkSteven Mead (UK)  E-Mail
broken linkStef Pillaert (B)
normal linkThomas Rüedi (Ch)
normal linkKevin Thompson (SA)
normal linkDavid Thornton (UK)
normal linkGlenn Van Looy (B)
new linkRobbert Vos (NL)
normal linkDavid Werden (USA)

normal linkGlyn Williams (UK)

Famous Tuba soloists
normal linkOystein Baadsvik (N)
normal linkRoger Bobo (USA)
normal linkJames Gourlay (UK)
normal linkPatrick Sheridan (USA)

normal linkAmati-Denak & Cerveny (TCH)
normal linkBesson (UK) (Buffet Group)
normal linkCourtois (F)  (Buffet Group)
normal linkGebr. Alexander (D)
new linkGeneva Instruments (UK)
normal linkHirsbrunner (CH)
normal linkHolton (USA)  (Conn-Selmer Group)
normal linkJupiter (USA)
broken linkKalison (G&P Milano) (I)
normal linkKing (USA)  (Conn-Selmer Group)
broken linkManchester Brass (UK)
normal linkMeinl Weston (Melton)  (Buffet Group)
normal linkMiraphone (D)
normal linkSelmer - Bach  (Conn-Selmer Group)
broken linkSterling (UK)
normal linkVogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik - B & S (D)  (Buffet Group)
normal linkWeril (Bra)
normal linkWillson (CH)
normal linkYamaha Wind Instruments (Jap)
normal linkYork (Schreiber - Keilwerth) (D)  - no longer manufactured (2010) (Buffet Group)

Other Links are welcome
Andere Links sind natürlich sehr willkommen
Andere links zijn natuurlijk ook zeer welkom
D'autres liens sont bienvenus

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